CyberPod Arena

Provide on-site cyber training for people across your organization

Cyber train and qualify your entire organization, at your own premises

How it works

Using a VPN, you connect remotely to one of the cyber training Arenas in our global network, to access a variety of training programs that have been designed to suit the existing cyber readiness and skill level of people across your organization.

Participants will encounter scenarios inspired by real-life cyberattacks, adapted to your technological environment, industry and threat model. Facing complex, persistent challenges, they will learn essential news skills and information that will improve their cyber readiness.


On-site, real-life training

Training takes place at your own premises, and is based on our database of hundreds of real-life scenarios, adapted to your actual work environment, infrastructure and technology.


Real-time and post-training feedback

Training is powered by our Red Team of hacking experts – themselves former members of government security agencies – who share their insights to help enhance performance.


Hands-on experience

Impactful training in which your personnel face complex, persistent cyberattacks and learn to detect, contain and mitigate cyberattacks on your organization.


Range of programs

Designed to suit the existing cyber awareness and skill level of people across your organization, from general employees, to executives and senior managers, to IT and cybersecurity professionals.