Value-Added Services

A Complete And Comprehensive Response To Your Cybersecurity Needs

As well as helping you optimize the skills and expertise of your people, we also provide a complementary range of services to make sure your technology configuration is aligned and cyber ready.

Leveraging a unique combination of top-of-the-line infrastructure, extensive cybersecurity expertise, and key insights gained from training your personnel, we’ll test, analyze and evaluate your organization’s cyber strategies and technologies, identify gaps, and support you through the process of closing them.

What to expect from CYBERGYM services
  • A tailored response designed to suit your specific security situation
  • Your people and systems challenged by an offensive Red Team of ex-intelligence hackers
  • Your choice of test settings from a vast repository of potential attack scenarios
  • Services and tests delivered according to global benchmarks
  • In-depth analysis of security gaps. carried out by attackers and security experts


Secure Code Review

security controls are implemented. Using a combination of scanning tools and manual review, our Red Team of hacking experts – themselves former members of government security agencies – are able to detect insecure coding practices, backdoors, injection flaws, cross-site scripting flaws, insecure handling of external resources, weak cryptography, and more


Penetration Test

Test the effectiveness of your security technologies, policies and human skills in the safest, most realistic environment. Scalable and customizable to any organization size, distribution model, environment and workforce, our penetration testing will enable you to discover and map the weakest points in your defenses.


Vulnerability Assessment

Get an in-depth view of the state of your security and how to improve it. Powered by our Red Team of professional White-Hat hackers, we’ll launch a series of complex cyberattacks on your security systems, testing them against external and internal threats, including private applications, infrastructure and cloud services.


IT Incident Response Services

Certified by CYBERGYM, our highly-qualified IT incident response team delivers the ultimate performance, identifying and containing threats in order to prevent damage to your organization.



Our ex-intelligence cyber experts around the world are available to take care of your SOC needs; identifying, mitigating and collecting forensics for any cyber incident, to optimize your cybersecurity posture

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