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What Is In This Policy?

What Does This Policy Cover?

This Policy covers information about you which we, CyberGymIEC Control Ltd. and other companies in our group collect, use and share if you use our or website or use any of our products, services and offerings anywhere in the world.

This Policy specifically applies to:

This Policy also covers information we might receive about you as a referral from a business representative or a job candidate, and information we might collect about you from public sources in connection with our offerings and operations. For example, we may collect your contact details and job position or title if they are published on a business website or professional network.

You can object at any time to our collection or use of your information by contacting us. Read below for more information on your choices about the personal information we might have about it.

This Policy does not cover contractual engagements we might have with you, or with any company, organization or department which represent or on which behalf you use our products or services. Such engagements, and the information that might be exchanged, created or otherwise processed in such contexts, are governed by the specific or framework agreement(s) entered between the parties. Please refer any enquires related so such engagement(s) to your business contact within CYBERGYMIEC

What Information we might collect about you?

  • Information you provide us – for example your name, title and business email, which you give us when you request that we contact you or provide you with documents and materials, or the CV you might send us when applying for a job in our organization
  • Information created or collected when you visit our websites – for example details about the pages you visited and information about the device you have used which we collect from your computer or mobile phone when browse our website
  • Information from other sources – such as your contact details and the position you fulfill in your organization which we might receive from a business partner or a job applicant
  • Information from public sources – such as your contact details and professional information if they are published on your organization’s website or in an online professional network

Information you provide us

This includes:

  • Your name, title, business email (or, if you are an applicant – personal email), and other contact details (such as your phone), which you might provide us as part of our “contact us” form(s) or when requesting access to files, documents or other information that we might make available on our website(s)
  • The name of your employer, or the company, organization or department you represent or are affiliated with, which you might provide us when asking we contact you or provide you with documents or information
  • Information about the territory from which you, or the business or organization you represent, operate, which you might provide us to assist in directing you to our relevant business unit or contact person
  • Your educational and professional experience and background and other current or past information which you might provide us when applying for a job in CYBERGYM.

Information created or collected when you use our website(s) or contact us

This includes:

  • Information about your computer or mobile phone – when you visit our websites, we collect information about your device. For example, we notice what model of phone you use or what browser on a computer, and if you are using Apple or Google based phones. We also collect information about the version of the system on your device and the provider you use to connect to the internet

We also store on your device and collect from it information which allows us to recognize your device when during your browsing of our site and across multiple visits. You can read below about the “cookies” and other tracking technologies we use and the choices you have about it.

  • Location data – we also collect information about your location when using our websites in order to get better understanding of territories and countries from which our content is viewed and accessed [Note: GPS data is by default used an analyzed by Google Analytics. This can, and we should (unless we have strong justification not to) at least be limited through implementing the masking/pseudo-anonymization options of the service as explained here:]
  • Information about how you interact with our website(s) – when you visit our website(s) we collect the date and time and certain information about the way you used our site. For example, we may note which parts of the site you have visited.
  • Record of your interactions with our staff – we keep information about interactions you might have with our marketing and technical teams during the sale cycle or use of any of our products, services or offerings.

Information from other sources

We may receive or collect your contact details, organizational affiliation or workplace and other professional information about you, as a lead from a business associate, a reference from a job application, or from public information available on business or organizational websites and professional networks.


How we might use your information

  • to contact you in response or follow-up to enquiries or requests you make
  • to consider and process job application you submit, or in which your details have been provided by the applicant as a reference
  • to contact the company or organization which you represent in order to explore possible business opportunities related to our technology, products or service or to possible cooperation.
  • to improve the relevance and functionality of our website(s) through analysis of usage data
  • to periodically send you information about updates, changes and news which we believe you might find relevant. You can opt-out at any time from receiving general updates or information from CYBERGYM by contacting us at

Cookies and other tracking technologies


We use several tools and techniques to recognize your device and track it when you visit our websites.


This may include:

  • information we store on your device – such as small text files called “cookies”
  • information we collect from your device – such as the location (ip address) of your device and technical information about it (such as the browser and operating system used).

We use such “cookies” and similar tracking tools to:

  • maintain the usability and responsiveness of our website through traffic balancing and adjusting our layout to the specifications of your device
  • honor the choices you make about our use of cookies
  • provide you with consistent browsing experience by remembering your settings and preferences (such as choice of region or language)
  • improve the relevance and functionality of our website(s) through analysis of usage data and performance issues

You can use the cookies setting on our web pages cookie preference center to turn off most of the cookies we use]. You can find more information about cookies and other tracking technologies in our Cookies Policy

When do we share your information with others?

When the information or offering you seek might be better accommodated with the assistance of our business partners or affiliates, such as local representative or resellers of our products or affiliates with which we cooperate to offer certain solutions and services, we may share with them the contact details and information you have provided about your enquiry, interest or request.


We might also need to share some of the professional and background information you provide us with if you apply for a job in our organization, with the people you name as references, in order to verify some of the factual details and better evaluate your suitability to position and to our needs.


We also share your information with partners and service providers who

  • maintain our systems and information
  • provide us with information about how people use our services
  • help us develop our services and offer new features and products
  • help us market and promote our services

We might also share or transfer your information in the context of any merger or acquisition of our assets or business.


How long do we keep your information

We keep your information for as long as you, or the organization you represent, maintain continuous business relations with us, and usually delete your business contact details and related information three years after we last contacted each other.


If you have provided us with your information as part of a job application, we will keep it usually for a maximum of 18 months.


You can ask us at any time contact details to delete your information and then we remove you from our files and delete all information which we do not need to keep for legal reasons such as:


  • keeping financial records of payments and transactions,
  • honoring your choice to unsubscribe from our mailing list or not to be contacted
  • dealing with open disputes
  • keeping legal evidence of agreements we had or actions we took
  • complying with court orders, police warrants or instructions of other legal authorities

If we do need to keep personal information about you for any such legal reasons we will usually keep it for seven (7) years.



Your Rights

You are in control of your personal information.

You have the right to:

  • request a copy of your information
  • ask us to correct information that’s wrong
  • change your mind and ask us to stop using your information. For example, ask us to stop sending you marketing information
  • ask us to delete your information

You can exercise these rights by contacting us.

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