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Your organizational cyber picture

Yosi Shneck
Get a clear updated and relevent cyber picture of your organization

In the recent Cyber Security Magazine, one of the interesting articles title was, “You’re under attack, and you don’t even know it.”[1] I would like to express my appreciation to Jessica Amado, the author of this article.

The title immediately raised my thoughts to the opposite situation, “You think you are under attack, but it is not true.” I am not describing the situation that is typical to start of an event or failure, where it takes time to investigate if it is cyber-based or not. I am talking about those that are sure that any unusual activity is a consequence of a cyber-attack.

In both of those situations, the result is the same – not taking the right decisions and not taking the right actions. In the first case, you are simply hit, surprisingly, and unprepared by the cyber adversaries. In the second case, you are wasting resources, human and financial, pushing the organization to unneeded steps and directions.

The origin of both cases is the same—lack of real, updated, fact-based cyber picture, or in our words “Cyber Battle Picture”. SOPHIC provides precisely the solution for this challenge – The “Sophic Picture”. It is a system providing to decision-makers at any level the best facts and information to reach effective and balanced decisions at any stage – routine, crisis and recovery.